Do you wonder how to make 360degree Photography or a Video? Or you are already a part of the VR community and you want to see what else the market may offer?  Here we want to make you familiar with the equipment that you may need and useful Apps that are available. And we also would love to hear the experience, that you have made so far!

First of all, we present you all the cameras that are on the market. Here you can find a comparison of all the cameras:

We decided to buy the Samsung Gear Camera to work with.

5 Reasons why we decided to buy that camera:

  1. Easy handling with its own full-featured mobile app
  2. The small size that fits in any handbag
  3. The unbeatable price
  4. The body that is splash- and dust- resistant
  5. The quality, it produces some of the best spherical videos you can get at the moment.

But we don’t want hold back the bad characteristics we experienced until now:

  1. The camera only works with a Samsung phone (Samsung Galaxy 6/7). Some already found out to use the camera with other mobiles, but it is not working well yet. We also heard that Samsung want to break that blockade.
  2. Clips that take longer than some minutes takes a long time to transfer.

So if you already the owner of a the right Samsung phone you can have a lot of fun with the Samsung Gear Camera for a really reasonable price.




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