Home sweet Home Freiburg

Let’s go outside!

Freiburg is a very green city with a huge offer of being outside. Like hiking, climbing, biking, skiing and and and. So I want to start with a nature Tip.



The perfect thing to do to forget about a stressful week is going outside into nature. This is what I always use to do when I am here in my Hometown. At least a little walk for one hour through the Schönberg.

There is also the nice opportunity to have a nice lunch or just a coffee with a perfect view on the terrace of the Jesuiten Schloss Café .


Europa Park

Another thing that I do since I can think is going to the Europa Park once a year. It is one of the biggest and longest existing Theme Parks in Europa and is a lot of fun for the small and big ones. And it is just 20 Minutes from Freiburg by car or half an hour by bus. You can also sleep there in one of the nice Hotels.

This is the Wodan Rollercoaster: