24h in New York

Wow… 24 hours in New York! What would you do, if you are in such a big city and having just 24 hours? Important, when you have just that little time to make your self a good plan, if you want to see as much as possible. So, my plan, as it was a Sunday, going to the Hells Kitchen Fleamarket . I caught the Subway from Jay Street to the 42nd Street. But I was taking the Subway to the wrong direction. Luckily, I recognized it some stops later. But my time was running and I decided to skip the Fleamarket because I would have had just 15Minutes there until it would have been closed. But I was there some years ago and I really recommend to pass by there, if you have time and you are in love with vintage stuff like me.

Next stop The HighlineI jumped out the Subway in the 4th Street and walked from there to the Highline. That is an old rail line, which today is an aerial greenway. Everywhere are tiny details of art and people who make art. Like the project “I THINK OUTSIDE MY BOX” from David who started this project in 2011 at “Occupy Wallstreet”. Everybody can be a part of it and paint a cardboard to leave it for a big project. And make the world a bit more colourful.



And when I reached the end of the Highline I was still in the mood to keep on walking. And kept walking to the Broadway to reach to my final destination the “Time Square”.


On this way, I also passed by the Empire State Building which is still on my list to get up and to enjoy the great view from there.

And around 8ish I arrived at the Timesquare. I was already quite tired when I reached it, but I really wanted to feel the flair when it is getting dark and all the lights are shining brightly.


And in the waiting time, I listened to touching stories in one of the phoneboxes they set there to make the people pay attention to stories of immigrant people from New York. “Once upon a place” is the name of the project.

Well, and a lot of more things… Like a little concert, interrupted by Trump fans, Breakdancers, girls showing her tits, the naked guitar man… and a lot of more, I could have stayed hours and hours more there, just to watch the people. But from my flight, I was really tired and as I had the plan to be at the Brooklyn Bridge by sunrise. So I went back to the Hotel.

The next morning, I woke up at 9h am… no sunrise 😦 But well, anyway I walked from Brooklyn to Manhatten and back. Such a nice feeling. Seeing the Statue of Liberty, although it is much smaller than I assumed, and then reaching Manhatten and its great buildings. Seeing the skyline from there etc. After this walk I became really hungry and walked to the Montague Street to have breakfast, what I really do recommend, if you are in the area, at Montague Street are plenty of nice places to have breakfast.


Looking back to those 24 hours intense hours…

I say: It was worth it to run around although I was tired and exhausted from the flight, I always come back home so much more satisfied, when I get the most out of a short layover 🙂 And for the next time we will see which part of the city I will explore!           And for the next time, we will see which part of the city I will explore!

48hours in San Fransisco

If you`re going to San Fransisco…

Well, you definitely should be wearing flowers in your hair!

It is the city in the US where you definitely find the flower power feeling.

So, let me tell you what I did this time.

As our hotel is at Fishermen`s Wharf, the perfect thing to start is with a Clam Chowder at the Pear 39.

Here are various options where you can go to eat that soup. Perfect for the windy evenings, when you get a bit cold. We bought stuff at Traders Joes to have a Picnic at the Pear and a Clam Chowder to take away.

So that was the first evening, with a nice sunset and a view of Alcatraz.

The next morning we met to have breakfast at the Hollywood Cafe.



Really nice to start the day and to think about what to do. But be aware on weekends you have to wait sometimes more than half an hour to get a seat especially when you want to sit outside.






As I was awake way earlier than we had our meetup, I walked up to the Lombard Street, that is just around the corner, to see the sunrise from there.

It was just perfect… so here in the video, I ran down as there were no cars.

And went back to the coffee to have a delicious breakfast with my colleagues.

After the big breakfast and a lot of energy, we decided to walk to the Golden Gate Bridge. It is just a beautiful walk from Fishermans Wharf to there. It is about one hour and all along the bay and some parks.

As we arrived there we watched some surfers and made a little break….

From there we caught the bus back to almost our hotel, but we didn’t return, we kept walking to little Italy. Here you can find a lot of really nice Italian restaurants and the old coffee called Mamas where they make all on their own since 100 of years. It is always in the hands of one family. Be aware, sometimes you have to queue for one hour. But it is really worth it!



So from there, we walked to Chinatown. As every big city also SFO has its China town. And it is huge and you arrive and just feel like you are in China. Full of Chinese people, shops, and restaurants.




And then we continued to go down to where the cable car starts and where our old crew hotel was and we felt like a bit at home… my colleagues went shopping as there are a lot of possibilities, but I had to go back to the hotel because from making these jumping pics I got hurt. And at the end, I could even walk anymore….

So, I took a tram back to the hotel and hobbled back like a zombie to the hotel.

I was really worried I couldn’t do the flight back home…but I bought me a cream at CVS and it worked quite well… but so far, I was suffering from that jump for one month longer.

Next time better Fotos without jumps 😉

Other places where you really should go:




The Fillmore Road, where I passed by just yesterday and randomly there was the Fillmore Jazz Festival. Really cool, but also if there is no festival a neat street with cute shops and restaurants.




IMG_20170701_211128_663The Painted Ladies,

this is how these famous victorian houses are cold.

Great to take a photo and have a rest from walking the steep streets up and down is the park next to the painted ladies. Here is a little truck where you can have a good coffee and sit down on a stump.




And then not to forget the Ashbury Heights, where you can feel the flower power for 100%. Here is also the Golden Gate Park and luckily a Whole Food store next to, so if you want to sit outside and have goof food and a special beer or wine, just get it there and have a nice picnic at the Golden Gate Park and watch the Hippies.

And last but not least the Castro District. It is the second best gay neighborhood in America and you must go there. There is even a crosswalk in rainbow colors! I never saw something like this before. And then you just can be there in plenty of their nice cafe shops and watch the people passing by. If you want to find more about http://www.mycastro.com/the-castro/the-castro

So, if you like walking, this is a great route that you can do!



48h in Madrid

20170427_112358It’s was the first time that we had a bit more time in Madrid to explore this fab city for real. My times before, I was always there on short haul trips with minimum time and Vincenzo also for work as a photographer on fair trades. Like this time actually, but we decided to come 2 days earlier to once in a while see more! And we didn’t regret it.

So, we want to share this 2 days full of impressions with you.
We took a flight in the early morning at 7:30h to be there for breakfast. As we had to have a good connection to the fair and the airport and overall to the sights and nightlife, we decided to stay in “Malasaña“. So far a very good decision. It is an alternative hood where you can find plenty of bars, vintage stores, small nice cafes and outside terraces to have a lunch.

So, if you are still not sure where to stay, search for an Airbnb in that quarter!
We started without having an idea what we have to see. So we just stopped at “Plaza 2 de Mayo” and bought us a coffee and a nice homemade donut to eat outside in the sun. And here we started making also our route where to go. Maybe not really pro, but is our way to travel. We love to go with the flow.
Also at “Plaza 2 de Mayo“, they were just building up a little second-hand market the “Malamarket“! If you are into second-hand markets you should pass by there. Really cool Vintage stuff to reasonable prices. It is every Saturday from 10-17h.


First, we walked through the streets of “Malasaña”. How to describe that neighborhood the best? It is colorful, trendy, cool, alternative, a lot of vintage styles and hipster friendly.

They built the neighborhood in the 18th century as an expansion of Madrid and has been a witness of two rebellions.
In 1808 the uprising against Napoleon and in the 80s there were the “Movida madrileña”. After the dictator’s death, the “Movida madrileña” was a socio-cultural movement in 1975. The people celebrated freedom with crazy music and bohemian art. There are bars who are still existing from that time and where they also play the music from that time. For example Bar Penta.
Where else to go in Malasaña:

  • Bar Ojala! Which has a super nice terrace such as inside area!
  • Bar Palentino, which is one of the oldest Tapas Bars there. Really authentic Bar with Barkeepers who are there since ever 🙂 Good to have a cold beer and a little snack. It is in C/Peces here you can find much more bars!
  • Casa Julio just around the corner from C/Peces. They have really nice Tapas with good quality! What you should try is the “huevos rotos” and the “Salmrejo” it is a cold soup like Gazpacho but a bit more creamy and with some eggs and ham inside!

As we continued we heard that around the corner is something going on. It sounded like traditional Irish music. Well, how I imagine traditional Irish music 😉 And we went there to see what is going on. It was the group “Magerit Dulzeina Viva” a “Folclore Castellano” group. We made some pictures and videos with them and sure we started talking with them, and they invited us to have a beer with them. It was a just a nice chance encounter. And we are really lucky that we followed our instinct to see what was going on there.


So and now there is coming to a series of little “Plazas” that we have visited:
“Plaza del Grial” just a little Plaza that is still in Malasaña. Here a man playing the trumpet. We recorded it because almost on every “Plaza”, there was a man playing his trumpet. We felt like having a soundtrack.
“Plaza de la Puerta del Sol” on of the most famous places. Here are often demonstrations. Like that time, there was the demonstration of young people who were fighting for a better future after their studies.
“Plaza Mayor” a really beautiful huge atrium with old buildings all around. Here it is popular to eat a “Bocadillo de Calamares”.
So from here, we passed by the Plaza de la Villa where we did the MADRID GIF from the Headline and walked through Calle Mayor until the Kings Palast the “Palacio Real”.
Here we made a little break at “El Ancio Key de los Crinos”. Which is nice because it has a little terrace and it is just next to the Palast. But the prices are quite high and the Tapas not very good. But for just relaxing a bit until the next leg it is perfectly fine!
After our little break to we went to the Cathedral de Santa Maria. Here you can go inside with just paying a donation.
It is a very beautiful, old and big church.


As the queue to the Palacio was really long, we decided not to go inside that day. We preferred to see other things.
So we kept on to the beautiful “Plaza España”, that is like a little park. Where you can have just a little pause from the stressful city life.


So and from here we walked back via Gran Via to Malasaña. Totally exhausted but satisfied we came back to our Airbnb flat and had a little sleep to have the energy to explore the nightlife of Madrid.
And we were quite surprised about the kind of Clubs they have there. We went for example to “Bar Palermo” that is in Calle Palermo 21 close to Metro Esperanza. And if you wouldn’t know, that there is a bar inside that building you wouldn’t ever guess so. Because from outside it just looks like a normal house. But it is a very cool bar, with a nice mix of people and old classic Rock songs mixed with new ones.
All in all, we had a full day with loads of impressions and experience and nice people.
And as it became late we slept really long on Sunday. To start our day, we met some friends to have some beer in the famous “Calle Ponzano“. In that street, you have plenty of options of restaurants, but if you are looking for a terrace to sit outside, this is not the right place for you! But if it is a cold and rainy day, it is perfect, because you just can go from one bar to another to try their tapas and different kind of beer in high quality. What you really should try, but be aware sometimes you have to wait long to get a seat, is “Sala de Despiece“. Here you can go just to pick something, have lunch or dinner. And the quality is excellent.
And if you want to try a traditional beer from Madrid, you should go to”Bar Fide”. It is one of the oldest bars in that street.


Sala de Despiece

So, as the weather was too good that day to be inside, we decided to go to the Park Retiro. It is just a huge and beautiful green Park in the middle of the city. Once more I recognized how important it is to have Parks in big cities. Here we had some croquetas in the Terrace of the Park Restaurant and then we just laid down to enjoy the sun and the freedom of the Park.


All in all we had very good vibes in Madrid and for sure we will return!

¡And here one last Restaurant TIP where you really should go, if you want to eat Tapas of really high quality with a cozy and hip design of interior decoration.

The Cachivache Taberna“. It is next to the Metro Station “Columbia” in Calle Serrano 221!

San Blas Islands

I had another layover in Panama and this time for 3 days! I was just thinking to stay in Panama to make 360º Pics in the places where I had been the last time without the 360 Camera. But 2 colleagues convinced me to come with them to Franklin Island one of the San Blas Islands. So as they already decided to go there before, I didn’t have the hard decision to take on which of these tons of Islands I want to go:


We had a whole package with pickup from the hotel to the port and the boat that brought us straight to Franklin Island. Also named: Tuba Senika. It also was included 3 meals a day and 1 tour per day. Because of that, we paid quite a lot, but as the time was limited for us it was worth it. Actually, we had planned to stay 2 nights on the island. But after the exhausting way to it, we decided just to stay one night and return in the afternoon the other day. And that was just perfect to have 2 days and one night there. So we could have a good rest before our flight home and we still have time to go to the fish market to have a nice lunch before the flight.

What to tell about that little paradise. The water is clear, you can see the fishes without snorkeling masks. The air is tropical, the people warm and friendly, the beds comfortable. We had the better cabins with wooden floor, there are also some with a sandy floor, but as we heard from other guests, they didn’t complain about it.

So, what else. If you expect luxury you better don’t go there. It is more like a camping experience. Shared cold showers with salty water. Toilettes without flush and just one washbasin for everybody.

But if you are fine with that and just want to free your soul and get rid of the daily grid it is a really nice place to do so.


Be aware!! There is a risk you take when you enter that Island! Falling coconuts!!

I saw some just dropping down next to me and I really tried not to lay under a palm full of coconuts.
As I never thought about that risk before I asked Wiki and she told me, that there are 150 deaths by coconut each year!! Think about it 😉
The other risk is, getting burned and bitten by sand fleas!
BUT in general, you have good chances just to relax in freedom there 😉
 About the Islands:
The people who live there are called “Kuna people”. They fought in 1925 to not be a part of Panama. They are autonomous and celebrate this each year on the 25th of February. They speak the Kuna language and some of them also Spanish. Each Island has their own school, but it is really basic what they learn there. The most important thing is to learn fishing.
The economy of Kuna Yala is based on agriculture, fishing and the manufacture of clothing with a long tradition of international trade.

Europa Park Rust Germany

If you’re around the Freiburg area and you like Theme Parks, you really should go to the Europa Park. It is one of the biggest and longest existing Theme Parks in Europa and is a lot of fun for the small and big ones. And it is just 20 Minutes from Freiburg by car or half an hour by bus. You can also sleep there in one of the nice Hotels. The price is €47 and the queues were never longer than 45 Minutes. Although we were there on Easter Friday and always in the first-row line!

This is the Wodan Rollercoaster, all made of wood and comes up to 100km/h:

Let’s go outside

Schönberg Freiburg


The perfect thing to do to forget about a stressful week is going outside into the nature. This is what I always use to do when I am here in my Hometown. At least a little walk for one hour through the Schönberg.

There is also the nice opportunity to have a nice lunch or just a coffee with a perfect view on the terrace of the Jesuiten Schloss Café .


Here is a route you can do:

Captura de pantalla 2017-04-06 a las 18.21.31

How to decide for the right 360º Camera

First of all, we present you all the cameras that are on the market. Here you can find a comparison of all the cameras:  http://www.threesixtycameras.com/ .

So now you maybe got an overview what cameras there are. But maybe you are lost in all the information you found? We also made a lot of internet research to make our decision. It was not too easy,but finally we decided to buy the Samsung Gear Camera to work with.

Here are 5 Reasons why we decided to buy that model:

  1. Easy handling with its own full-featured mobile app, but in case you can also control it with the 3 buttons it has.
  2. The small size that fits in any handbag
  3. The unbeatable price
  4. The body that is splash- and dust- resistant
  5. The quality, it produces some of the best spherical videos you can get at the moment.

But we don’t want hold back the bad characteristics we experienced until now:

  1. The camera only works with a Samsung phone (Samsung Galaxy 6/7). Some already found out to use the camera with other mobiles, but it is not working well yet.  And even with the Samsung Galaxy 7 sometimes there are troubles.
  2. Clips that take longer than some minutes takes a long time to transfer.

So if you already the owner of a the right Samsung phone you can have a lot of fun with the Samsung Gear Camera for a really reasonable price.

We would also like to know your experience if you already have a 360º Camera!??

The perfect Travel Adapter

Many years I was carrying a lot of adapters with me meanwhile traveling and now I found the perfect solution.  These two world adapters from Skross. One just for USB (two entrances) and the other one for plugs. They fit in every country and is all I need. Just perfect 🙂

Price from 19€ and to find for example at Amazon or at Media Markt or at almost any duty-free shop of the airport and airplanes.

Shared world

I am sitting in a bus from Frankfurt Airport to the center. I have a lot of time to think and to listen to the conversations of the other people. I get sick of reading meanwhile driving, so whether I can read a book nor being online with my smartphone. Actually, I like these moments. So, the men behind me start talking about companies secrets way too loud and I find out they work in the same company as I do. In the beginning, I continue the conversation, but then the word “shared community” is falling and I come back to my thoughts. And I think about what we do share, besides the air that we breathe.

  • We share flats, especially in the world metropolis where we can’t make it pay a flat on our own, although we have a full-time job. Also as we get married and settled down always later, so there is the economic aspect and also that we don’t want to be alone.
  • We even share the flats with tourists on Airbnb for example.
  • We share our cars at Avant Car or Social Car
  • We share Car rides at Bla Bla Car . You also decide whether you want to talk or not 😉
  • We share suitcases, here is a site where you can rent a suitcase for your trips Rent Luggage , so if you don’t have the right suitcase/bag pack it doesn’t mean you have to buy it directly!
  • We share clothing for example at Sharewear I love that idea, so all our clothing will be worn out until they are completely worn out.
  • We share gardens
  • We share Coworking spaces etc etc…

I could make up the list endlessly long. But I think this are enough examples. All I can say is that I have a great experience with CoLiving I got to know some of my best friends thus. And as you live far away from home it is always a kind of family feeling.

What do you think about our shared world?