48h in Kazakhstan-Almaty

Almaty the apple city

Alma-ata means father of the apples. And it says that the origin of the apples is from the south of Kazakhstan.

So what to do in 48h in Almaty and 6 hours they steal you due to the time difference! You can go to the house mountain and go skiing and hiking or you just discover the city. This time I decided just to explore the city because it was my first time there. So I had one evening and one entire day.

The first night I went to see Boheme the “Abay opera“! Great experience for 4€ entrance. Good actors, nice scenes, and a lot of emotions. Just the building already is worth going there. There is also a ballet and a theater show running.

TIP: As you cannot recognize the Taxis because they are mostly private cars without Taxi shield and the drivers do often not speak English and if you order them from the Hotel they are overcharged, you should order a “UBER“! The perfect way to get from A to B also if the Taxi Driver doesn’t speak English!

And the entire day that I had I made sightseeing. Here is the route:


I did all by feed and I started at the InterContinental Hotel and from there I went to the Ascension CathedralSuch a beautiful Orthodox church in Ukrainian baroque style. Definitely worth to have a visit there. As a woman, you should wear headgear and as men, you shouldn’t.

And from there not too far away is the “Greenmarket” where you actually can spend some time and try things to eat. I ate a typical wrap from there filled with sauerkraut and chicken. Delicious! What you also should try the sweets they are selling.

From there I walked to the Central Park. I imagine that in summer you can spend a lot of time here. But that day in January it was just too cold to hang around there.img_20170206_214711_557.jpg

So the next step was the Arbat Street the pedestrian zone. Here are a lot of people who sell art and street musicians. Well as it was winter, everything was a bit gray and not really bustling. But in summer for sure, this is an animated place with interesting people.

Well, and to return to the Hotel I walked down the Furmanov Street. It seems like a zone where the rich people live.

As I just had little time and there is a lot of more things to see… I will definitely go back to see more and to get in touch with the people there. Although a lot doesn’t speak English, you find a way to communicate. They gave me a feeling of being welcomed there.