48h in Tampa

The sunshine state or better Trumpland? Well, the sun is actually always shining, but we were here just before the election of the new President in 2016. And it was totally clear whom the people from here would vote for. All the gardens were full of Trump shields. Almost none had a Hillary shield there.
For me, as German girl, it is still strange seeing so many flags and being such a nationalist. In one hand I am a bit jealous about this attitude, being so proud of your country, on the other hand, it seems queer to me.


But let me tell about Tampa and what to do there!

Hard Facts:

  • Currency: $ Dollar (Bad course for the Europeans at the moment)
  • TIP: Usually you give at least 15% Tip in a Restaurant
  • Language: English but the most people also do speak Spanish as there is a high quote of south American immigrants.
  • Climate: All year long warm and sunny
  • Credit Card & Banks: You can pay almost everywhere by card even the smallest amount.
  • How to get around: The best way is renting a car. Alamo always has the best offers in the US. Up from $20/day smallest class, but already quite luxury.

Warm Facts:

Beaches to go:
There are two national parks with long wide beaches I visited and do highly recommend:

  • Anna Maria Island
  • Honeymoon Island – These two are really idyllic and inviting to spend the whole day there to chill and also to make a BBQ in the Park, so be prepared and take BBQ stuff inside.
  • Clearwater if you want to have it more lively then you also can have a good swim in there. I liked it because you can have a great breakfast at the bayside.



Anna Maria Island




Honeymoon Island


Neighborhoods to explore:

  • Tampa Downtown: We were searching a kind of a city center, but we didn’t find one, but what we actually found was the University and there is also a nice park to hang around.


  • St.Petersburg: Is a little, charming part of Tampa and here is what we missed in Tampa downtown. There is a little walking street with Shops, Bars, and Restaurants. Also, a lot of options to sit outside! And as we had one day “bad” weather, we decided to check out the Dali Museum, that is also there. In comparison to Dali Museum in Spain, it isn’t that exciting, but absolutely worth going there. We were lucky because there were the Frida Kahlo Exhibition still running!
  • TIP: Bella Brava Italian Restaurant reasonable prices and really delicious pasta.


Where to stay:

  •  WestInn Hotel: The Hotel is Very good connected to the airport as well as a free Shuttle bus to get there. It has a direct access to the highway, and also a little beach to tan and to rent a Jetski, but not to swim. Big comfortable beds, good internet connection, and friendly staff. A good place to start the journey in Florida after a long flight, but then better find a place to stay directly at the beach.



View from the Hotel room