48h in Seoul

Just let me shortly describe Seoul. It is a young, vibrant student city in South Korea. When you have traveled to other parts of Asia before, and you got to know the cultures from there, you will be surprised of the lifestyle and the open minded Korean people. They love coffee and meat! They kiss and hug in the streets and they love to go out!

Time was limited like always. This time Vincenzo was able to join me again. So we could discover this great city together

We arrived at midday and after a quick Siesta, we headed off to Hongdae. First to the more quiet part where you can sit on the grass, drink something or eat in picnic style.

And afterward, we went to the other part, where it is always crowded and lots of live music and one Restaurant/Bar after another. Perfect to eat the traditional Korean BBQ, have a cold drink and listen to live music. And for sure not to forget the private karaoke places. Here you rent a room, where you only sing together with your friends. Or you just can sit in the street and watch people. It is fantastic. Stylish people everywhere and you feel a lot of young energy.

Here is a list of live music and nightlife tips: http://indistreet.com/en/

During the day, we went to the Changdeokgung Palace to do some sightseeing. But the people were more interesting than the palace. Which doesn’t mean, that the palace was not interesting!

We got to know some lovely girls ( from the featured Image) and they explained to us that they were wearing these dresses because it was a bank holiday and when they have something to celebrate, they dress up like this. All in all, it turned out to a little foto shooting with them. Thank you so much!

After the Palace, we walked through the narrow roads of Bukchon where you can find cute little Hanok-Houses and nice coffee shops and little shops with nice unique clothing and accessories.

So and for sure you cannot miss visiting Gangnam when you are in Seoul! It is also an outgoing part of the town, but all is fancier and more expensive. Here are the people who have a bit more income than the students in Hongdae. What not mean, that you can’t find young people here. Young people are all around, everywhere in Seoul!

And for the Hello Kitty Fans https://goo.gl/maps/RoQ95eTEvWS2

There is a Hello Kitty Coffee….well it is full of Hello Kitty 😉 Unlikely we were there when it was already closed!


Time goes by always too quickly and there is so much more to do in Seoul! For example hiking. I think this will be the next thing I will do when I will come back. I really like to be there more often.