48h in San Fransisco

If you`re going to San Fransisco…

Well, you definitely should be wearing flowers in your hair!

It is the city in the US where you definitely find the flower power feeling.

So, let me tell you what I did this time.

As our hotel is at Fishermen`s Wharf, the perfect thing to start is with a Clam Chowder at the Pear 39.

Here are various options where you can go to eat that soup. Perfect for the windy evenings, when you get a bit cold. We bought stuff at Traders Joes to have a Picnic at the Pear and a Clam Chowder to take away.

So that was the first evening, with a nice sunset and a view of Alcatraz.

The next morning we met to have breakfast at the Hollywood Cafe.



Really nice to start the day and to think about what to do. But be aware on weekends you have to wait sometimes more than half an hour to get a seat especially when you want to sit outside.






As I was awake way earlier than we had our meetup, I walked up to the Lombard Street, that is just around the corner, to see the sunrise from there.

It was just perfect… so here in the video, I ran down as there were no cars.


And went back to the coffee to have a delicious breakfast with my colleagues.

After the big breakfast and a lot of energy, we decided to walk to the Golden Gate Bridge. It is just a beautiful walk from Fishermans Wharf to there. It is about one hour and all along the bay and some parks.

As we arrived there we watched some surfers and made a little break….

From there we caught the bus back to almost our hotel, but we didn’t return, we kept walking to little Italy. Here you can find a lot of really nice Italian restaurants and the old coffee called Mamas where they make all on their own since 100 of years. It is always in the hands of one family. Be aware, sometimes you have to queue for one hour. But it is really worth it!



So from there, we walked to Chinatown. As every big city also SFO has its China town. And it is huge and you arrive and just feel like you are in China. Full of Chinese people, shops, and restaurants.




And then we continued to go down to where the cable car starts and where our old crew hotel was and we felt like a bit at home… my colleagues went shopping as there are a lot of possibilities, but I had to go back to the hotel because from making these jumping pics I got hurt. And at the end, I could even walk anymore….

So, I took a tram back to the hotel and hobbled back like a zombie to the hotel.

I was really worried I couldn’t do the flight back home…but I bought me a cream at CVS and it worked quite well… but so far, I was suffering from that jump for one month longer.

Next time better Fotos without jumps 😉

Other places where you really should go:




The Fillmore Road, where I passed by just yesterday and randomly there was the Fillmore Jazz Festival. Really cool, but also if there is no festival a neat street with cute shops and restaurants.




IMG_20170701_211128_663The Painted Ladies,

this is how these famous Victorian houses are cold.

Great to take a photo and have a rest from walking the steep streets up and down is the park next to the painted ladies. Here is a little truck where you can have a good coffee and sit down on a stump.




And then not to forget the Ashbury Heights, where you can feel the flower power for 100%. Here is also the Golden Gate Park and luckily a Whole Food store next to, so if you want to sit outside and have good food and a special beer or wine, just get it there and have a nice picnic at the Golden Gate Park and watch the Hippies.

And last but not least the Castro District. It is the second best gay neighbourhood in America and you must go there. There is even a crosswalk in rainbow colours! I never saw something like this before. And then you just can be there in plenty of their nice cafe shops and watch the people passing by. If you want to find more about http://www.mycastro.com/the-castro/the-castro

So, if you like walking, this is a great route that you can do!