48h in Panama

Time is limited you need to choose what you want to do!!
A good spot to spend an evening is “Casco Antigua” the old town. Here you find plenty of nice and hip bars and restaurants, many beautiful buildings and a lot of flairs.

During the day you better got to Taboga Island to have a nice walk. For example the “Camino de la Cruz”.From up there you have a fantastic view and you have done some exercises. So afterward you can have a chill on the beach with a fresh and cool coconut to drink. Here you have a schedule from the Taboga Express https://tabogaexpress.com/.

What is also a great thing to do is going out with Eduardo on a Catamaran ride for one day! Just enjoy his passion for cooking and being a brilliant host on his boat.

And then there is the fish market, also a must do. It is close by the Casco Antigua. Here you can have nice fish to eat and a nice experience of market live.And whaaamm 48h are over.

Sure there is also the famous canal! I didn’t mention it because I went there and for me, it was a bit boring. But some of my colleagues found it really interesting. So made up your own opinion 😉