48h in Hong kong

What to do in 48h in Hong Kong?

Friday night: we went to the night market in the Temple street! The market is not really special. But you can have some nice street food there and a beer in a backyard restaurant. We got to know a lovely group of people from Nepal who invited us to join a table and great conversations with them. Thanks to that special beginning of our weekend!

And if you want to have more nightlife there are a million of options. We went to Lan Kwai Fong next to the central station. And here you find a lot of bars, local people as expats from all over the world. Whether you go inside a bar and have an expensive drink there or you just go to the next 7 eleven and get yourself a beer there and do it like most of them sit down on a wall and drink it there. All bars are open so you hear the music anyway 😉 I could have sat there for hours just watching the people!

What you also should do, is go to the Dim Sum Square to eat!! Cheap and really good! Dim Sum is the specialty from Hongkong and it is really yummy.

Sights… for sure, there are a lot of sights in Hong kong! You won’t have time to do them all. We went to the 100.000 Buddha Temple. It was interesting, but I recommend you if you have to choose, go to the big Buddha instead.

But first here some impressions from the 10.000 Buddha Temple. This is a funeral of Buddhism people. They come here to bring the ashes of their beloved ones. And also they put sometimes their favorite things to eat or drink there.

It is beautiful up there, but if you don’t have a lot of time as I already mentioned, I’d suggest you go to the big Buddha. ( I was there on my second layover. And nature around is really nice.) You have three options to get up there. By bus/taxi, by cable car (was under construction that time) or walking!! There must be a pretty trail to go there. We woke up too late to do it. But the next time I want to do it! And exactly there are a lot of trekking routes all around. If you like hiking! It is fantastically green there!!

Here some mobile pics from the Big Buddha:

So your Saturday is over as well…

What else you need to see? For sure the victorian Peak. To have a nice view of the skyline of Hong Kong! The perfect Sunday excursion.

You won’t be alone there. You will be there with a plenty of happy selfie makers 🙂


What the people from Hong Kong also do on Sundays, is doing a picnic. And they are quite creative to find places to do that.


And as you maybe already know from other articles, we love to crash into parties of others… Well actually it is just curiosity and then one thing comes to another. That time it was a Filipino Party from the Golden Arnis Shotokan Gasmaa Association. They made funny games, crazy competitions and had a great buffet. They invited us to eat with them 🙂 So nice to meet always such fun and welcoming people!


TIP: the Metro system is very easy!