24h in New York

Wow… 24 hours in New York! What would you do, if you are in such a big city and having just 24 hours? Important, when you have just that little time to make your self a good plan, if you want to see as much as possible. So, my plan, as it was a Sunday, going to the Hells Kitchen Fleamarket . I caught the Subway from Jay Street to the 42nd Street. But I was taking the Subway to the wrong direction. Luckily, I recognized it some stops later. But my time was running and I decided to skip the Fleamarket because I would have had just 15Minutes there until it would have been closed. But I was there some years ago and I really recommend to pass by there, if you have time and you are in love with vintage stuff like me.

Next stop The HighlineI jumped out the Subway in the 4th Street and walked from there to the Highline. That is an old rail line, which today is an aerial greenway. Everywhere are tiny details of art and people who make art. Like the project “I THINK OUTSIDE MY BOX” from David who started this project in 2011 at “Occupy Wallstreet”. Everybody can be a part of it and paint a cardboard to leave it for a big project. And make the world a bit more colourful.




And when I reached the end of the Highline I was still in the mood to keep on walking. And kept walking to the Broadway to reach to my final destination the “Time Square”.


On this way, I also passed by the Empire State Building which is still on my list to get up and to enjoy the great view from there.

And around 8ish I arrived at the Timesquare. I was already quite tired when I reached it, but I really wanted to feel the flair when it is getting dark and all the lights are shining brightly.


And in the waiting time, I listened to touching stories in one of the phoneboxes they set there to make the people pay attention to stories of immigrant people from New York. “Once upon a place” is the name of the project.

Well, and a lot of more things… Like a little concert, interrupted by Trump fans, Breakdancers, girls showing her tits, the naked guitar man… and a lot of more, I could have stayed hours and hours more there, just to watch the people. But from my flight, I was really tired and as I had the plan to be at the Brooklyn Bridge by sunrise. So I went back to the Hotel.

The next morning, I woke up at 9h am… no sunrise 😦 But well, anyway I walked from Brooklyn to Manhatten and back. Such a nice feeling. Seeing the Statue of Liberty, although it is much smaller than I assumed, and then reaching Manhatten and its great buildings. Seeing the skyline from there etc. After this walk I became really hungry and walked to the Montague Street to have breakfast, what I really do recommend, if you are in the area, at Montague Street are plenty of nice places to have breakfast.


Looking back to those 24 hours intense hours…

I say: It was worth it to run around although I was tired and exhausted from the flight, I always come back home so much more satisfied, when I get the most out of a short layover 🙂 And for the next time we will see which part of the city I will explore!           And for the next time, we will see which part of the city I will explore!