San Blas Islands

I had another layover in Panama and this time for 3 days! I was just thinking to stay in Panama to make 360º Pics in the places where I had been the last time without the 360 Camera. But 2 colleagues convinced me to come with them to Franklin Island one of the San Blas Islands. So as they already decided to go there before, I didn’t have the hard decision to take on which of these tons of Islands I want to go:


We had a whole package with pickup from the hotel to the port and the boat that brought us straight to Franklin Island. Also named: Tuba Senika. It also was included 3 meals a day and 1 tour per day. Because of that, we paid quite a lot, but as the time was limited for us it was worth it. Actually, we had planned to stay 2 nights on the island. But after the exhausting way to it, we decided just to stay one night and return in the afternoon the other day. And that was just perfect to have 2 days and one night there. So we could have a good rest before our flight home and we still have time to go to the fish market to have a nice lunch before the flight.

What to tell about that little paradise. The water is clear, you can see the fishes without snorkeling masks. The air is tropical, the people warm and friendly, the beds comfortable. We had the better cabins with wooden floor, there are also some with a sandy floor, but as we heard from other guests, they didn’t complain about it.

So, what else. If you expect luxury you better don’t go there. It is more like a camping experience. Shared cold showers with salty water. Toilettes without flush and just one washbasin for everybody.

But if you are fine with that and just want to free your soul and get rid of the daily grid it is a really nice place to do so.


Be aware!! There is a risk you take when you enter that Island! Falling coconuts!!

I saw some just dropping down next to me and I really tried not to lay under a palm full of coconuts.
As I never thought about that risk before I asked Wiki and she told me, that there are 150 deaths by coconut each year!! Think about it 😉
The other risk is, getting burned and bitten by sand fleas!
BUT in general, you have good chances just to relax in freedom there 😉
 About the Islands:
The people who live there are called “Kuna people”. They fought in 1925 to not be a part of Panama. They are autonomous and celebrate this each year on the 25th of February. They speak the Kuna language and some of them also Spanish. Each Island has their own school, but it is really basic what they learn there. The most important thing is to learn fishing.
The economy of Kuna Yala is based on agriculture, fishing and the manufacture of clothing with a long tradition of international trade.

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