Shared world

I am sitting in a bus from Frankfurt Airport to the center. I have a lot of time to think and to listen to the conversations of the other people. I get sick of reading meanwhile driving, so whether I can read a book nor being online with my smartphone. Actually, I like these moments. So, the men behind me start talking about companies secrets way too loud and I find out they work in the same company as I do. In the beginning, I continue the conversation, but then the word “shared community” is falling and I come back to my thoughts. And I think about what we do share, besides the air that we breathe.

  • We share flats, especially in the world metropolis where we can’t make it pay a flat on our own, although we have a full-time job. Also as we get married and settled down always later, so there is the economic aspect and also that we don’t want to be alone.
  • We even share the flats with tourists on Airbnb for example.
  • We share our cars at Avant Car or Social Car
  • We share Car rides at Bla Bla Car . You also decide whether you want to talk or not 😉
  • We share suitcases, here is a site where you can rent a suitcase for your trips Rent Luggage , so if you don’t have the right suitcase/bag pack it doesn’t mean you have to buy it directly!
  • We share clothing for example at Sharewear I love that idea, so all our clothing will be worn out until they are completely worn out.
  • We share gardens
  • We share Coworking spaces etc etc…

I could make up the list endlessly long. But I think this are enough examples. All I can say is that I have a great experience with CoLiving I got to know some of my best friends thus. And as you live far away from home it is always a kind of family feeling.

What do you think about our shared world?

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